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Af-fundamental, Rubini...

When you know the people, it is no longer a matter of intuition. 
It's forecast (with a prediction)...


Bissoli, a small trader of perfumes in the north of this folkloristic country, wanted to sell a fragrance all its own. He needed everything, name, perfumer, glazier, designer, but he's a rich guy. When he asked advice to Jicky 2.0, two years ago, we were very puzzled... 
Because the bald guy did not shine for originality and the ideas he shared (with us). He was the usual little merchant trained to sell. He was not our friend: in fact we argued (patiently), just to piss he off.

Now, almost two years later, we are wasting our time with this little mess of a "fragrance", whose end is in its origin. The invented name of the brand (Rubini was only the Bissoli's grandpa surname) is wrong (vowel u with consonant resistance, similar to lines of disappointment) but the problem is not in the name. We've waited for the idea, 
but finally they entrusted the presentation to a nerdy blogger, and the result? Everyone understood that there was nothing to understand.

A little later and the perfumer was chosen, Bissoli said to us: Canali reads and admires You... We thought, WHO CARES? We read about him, and we don't like him. He has got a pretty face, he could be a clerk in a shoe shop... Instead, he decided to work as a lab assistant at IFF (after that school for lab technicians: Isipca). And, since then, he still hasn't made any progress yet...

Il n'est qu'un assistant, mais il ne progresse pas... il y a bien une raison!

We work with a bigger company, we hear the rumors. Lobbying.

Une lobby c'est un cercle d'entreprises amies, dont les top management sont en relations amicales constantes.

Canali is the author of this "perfume", Fundamental. We're sorry for him...

The name is pretentious, fundamental (oh-oh-oh, really?) for who? For what? There are no answers, no-one has ever had. The naming here is AGAIN wrong! With an U decidedly unpleasant and the desinence ends in a famous Swiss cheese.

And here we come to the perfume. F. resembles Egoiste (the current formula) of Chanel with McDonald's "sweet & sour" sauce. It's a perfume with a 15-18% synthetic sandalwood (santaliff, etc), 20% linalool, amber base, hedione, cedramber, synthetic musks, with elements such as sage oil and bases (ambre 83?) as "cuir vitessence Symrise", out of control, unpleasantly mixed, that "irritate" both: the brain and the nose. No real orris extract or good indian sandalwood or natural beeswax extract detected. Here and there emerge hints of rubber (from the leather dis-accord) and solvents
, pfff...
...a masterpiece OF NOTHING! It's a cheap chemical bolus in denatured alcohol. There is no idea, there is only imitation. There is no taste, nor value. It looks like a Chinese imitation, a fake "Chanel" perfume (as made in Naples).

The bottle is terrible, the colour as well. The wooden cap is badly printed on.

We save only the strange case, in recycled fiberglass, made by a designer that has been called too late in the project to give uniformity to all the good and bad intentions.

The assembly is terrible: name, perfume and forms have no relation to each other.

The reaction of Egoiste fans is indignation. The other feedbacks are... it sucks. This perfume is a fundamental failure, yet another failure of typical Italian arrogance.

Rating: ZERO 

(go for the current Chanel Egoiste -also After Shave- formula. It's much better and less expensive, b-cause the price for this f. rubin-etto 50 ml probably will be 135 €)!

135 €? Good Luck! Lots of Laughs!

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