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ALMIGHTY. JICKIEL®. Haute Parfumerie à Venise. Are you able to find something better?

Are you able to find something better?

ALMIGHTY. The New Sensual and Luxurious Fragrance.
By Jickiel®. The One and Only REAL perfumery lab, actually operating in Venice (old town, his heart). By the way, also the best on the mainland...

Cool, Astonishing... ALMIGHTY is Gorgeous! 

Of persistent freshness. Of alpha muscular tone. Of luminous presence. Of crystalline vibe.

italian Bergamot,
japanese Yuzu,
Green Mandarin.

Pink grapefruit.

Kumquat J. (Fortunella margarita Swingle).
Neroli Essential oil Sicily
Neroli Tunisia Abs.
Orange Flower Water Abs. (Robertet).
Mace Abs.
Sichuan pepper.


Mirabelle Plum.

Selection of natural aromatic extracts of 7 different top quality tea.

Rooibos Abs.


Guaiac Heart DM (Robertet).

Mysore Sandalwood (a),
Sandalwood India (b).

Wonder Woods: extracts of rare tree species selection (which does not indicate, to protect the formula and the way... the way research work.) A selection set of exclusive varieties, developed in collaboration with experts from 3 different prestigious italian botanical gardens.

Tincture of genuine Ambergris Gold New Zealand.
Tincture of genuine Musk Deer [Siberian and Mongolian musk deer (Moschus moschiferus Linnaeus, 1758)].
Attar of REAL Musk Deer (Siberian musk deer in Antiq. Santalum Mysore Alb.).

Tonka Beans Abs.


Virginia tobacco Abs. Deco.


Virginia cedarwood.


Lilac (Syringa vulgaris l.) Absolute.

Iris Variety "Venetian" Abs,
Iris Firmenich 75% Irone


Bulgarian Rose Abs
Rosa Turkish Abs.


Sambac Abs.

Essential oil Vetiver Haiti,
Vetiver SFE (CO2 extract) Firmenich.

Bourbon Vanilla Abs.

Osmanthus Abs.
き ん も く せ い ロ ッ ソ (Osmanthus Rubra) Abs.




Frangipani Abs.
oak moss (oakmoss deco abs)

Angelica seeds.
Ambrette seeds Abs.,
sweet Frankincense (Boswellia Rivae).
Patchouli (65% patchoulol) MD Deco.
Lavande Abs. Decolorized (Robertet).
Davana Sensualis Essential oil

VEGAN version available with all animal extracts in the formula, replaced by valid reconstructions (nat/synth).

Available for those who have problems of "persistence" due to particular dermal type, a special fixative blend that can be added on request.

ALMIGHTY is also a very High-Performance Fragrance.
It is offered in very high concentrations:

EDT (Concentrée) & EDP INTENSE.

Contatti: jicky2.0@gmail.com

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