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The Original and Gorgeous Captain Molyneux: life, death and miracles.

To retrieve the original version (1975), of which so much has been argued in recent months, we insert date 25 October 2013 the following link verified and authorized by the Blog:

The vintage masculine scent that we recommend for this 2013 is a fantastic Molyneux of 1975 (it is the fragrance we wear with the greatest satisfaction in the last few months)!

Oak moss (a lot of) and verbena (Aloysia citrodora), lemon, coriander, nutmeg, violet leaf, rosemary, patchouli, civet, Indian sandalwood, a great golden tobacco, cloves, lavender, musk, tonka and a hint of vanilla.

The idea of the perfume launch is conceived the Edward Molyneux's last year life (The Captain), to which it is dedicated.

The design of the bottle is entrusted to Pierre Dinand (genius creator of famous bottles as Eau Sauvage by Dior or YSL Opium).

The bottles right and best preserved are a precious blend of enjoyable Quality, History and Rarity.

Captain Molyneux is Beautiful .

And it's all that they , today , in perfumery, can't do or have anymore...

Captain Molyneux , first formula (1975-1980) is a fougère very sparkling. The ingredients are mixed together in surprising way, it is difficult to decompose this exceptional fragrance, because there are an abundance of natural ingredients and missing some chemical molecules to which we are accustomed. For instance: feel real virginia cedar wood instead of ISO and super (patented in the same year of the launch of Captain , 1975 ), it's a relentless reset. A dip in the natural which is also a refuge from the chemicals contemporary.

Captain is a perfume of the past? The answer is no, not at allThe structure of Captain Molyneux is transverse to the styles and genres: as Patou Pour Homme is elegant , dynamic and shrill as a Chanel Sport contemporary, and it's nice round: the percentage concentrations of the fragrance into the finished perfume were, as is well known,  very higher in the past than those one  we are accustomed.

Without Captain Molyneux , we would not have a thriving offspring , among others, are worthy of quotation Green Irish Tweed by Creed (1985) and Cool Water by Davidoff (1988).

Captain has been reformulated and altered in the early '80s, and again in the '90s, becoming the ghost of what it was.

The correct graphical analysis is  this (in practice, the Captain with the Sail is the reformulated):

A), the first version: huge international success for the V1:

1974-75/1982 PURE GOLD

Rating: 5/5

Then, there are these reformulations, and falsification of The Myth:

B): reformulation and depression for V2:



C): Trauma, commercial break.

90s until today.


Captain Molyneux is also a beautiful "fougere", COMPARE IT with Fougère Royale by Houbigant. The Match:

Captain Molyneux, 1975 (the original one).

We continue the study of this amazing vintage fragrance by Molineux

Fougere Royale of osmoteque is a rod: oak moss, coumarin and vanillin are as beautiful as the rain citrus (bergamot, lemon), but on the whole is very simple.

It's cute, yes, but it's like watching a cat stuffed.

We understand its relative historical value, but we decline the invitation to smell it again.
It's boring as hell.

And Fougere Royale by Houbigant 2010?

Fougere Royale 2010 is a s**t.
geraniol, and moss plastic, evernyl, the mall's aftershave...
It smells of blue fern, geraniol and bergamon.
To use a "French word": it su*ks.
If Fougere Royale was a means of locomotion, it would be a wheelbarrow:

If Captain Molyneux was a means of locomotion it would be a Ferrari:

Fougere Royal is two irons, a little of rubber and a wheel.
It doesn't have the complexity and quality of Captain.
Fougere Royale by Houbigant reminds hospital disinfectant or a bad deodorant, and also lasts very little.

Captain Molyneux is deep, PROFOUND, complex (actually it's improper to call it a fougere) it could be a Top Quality Amouage or Lutens that there isn't yet.

Captain Molyneux 1975 is the best: it is not only the oakmoss, but it's the entire lush forest, and it's still alive and vigorous in the best-preserved bottles.

Another reading of us is the following: "Fougere Royale is the chassis, Captain Molyneux is the entire car to be designed and finished on that frame."

Right, this is the meaning of our enthusiasm.

Grazie Capitano!

Captain Molyneux EDT(1975-80)


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  1. Ciao J!cky!
    Avrei trovato un capitano da 30ml bottiglia squadrata ma confezione che simile all'originale del 75. Sembra essere qualcosa dedicato al mercato giapponese. Siccome non ho trovato nulla sul webbe tu ne sai qualcosa? lo prendo senza pensarci?
    Ciao e many tks!


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